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Sing Sing Whisky 15 Years Single Malt 

Edition 1965 - The Gardens by the Bay Series

When Sing Sing Whisky was born, many were skeptical if we would be around much longer as a Singaporean branded whisky was unheard of. Connoiseurs and purists scoffed at the idea of a Singaporean branded whisky produced in Taiwan. However, we persisted with the belief that there is an opportunity for a Singaporean Whisky created by Asians for Asians. 

We have grown and progressed with our nation, launching each edition of our whisky range with icons that most appropriately represent the positioning, palate and presentation of that whisky. 

The Sing Sing Whisky 15 years Single Malt is presented with Gardens By The Bay, one of Singapore’s most iconic and world renown landmarks, loved by tourists and Singaporeans alike. 

Let’s raise our glasses and toast to our nation, towards coming out stronger and resilient amidst these challenging times. 

“Come whatever, on the road ahead. We did it before and we will do it again…”

An excerpt from the NDP 2021 Theme Song to commemorate our nation’s 56th year of independence. 

The lyrics say it all in terms of determination, grit and passion to overcome the odds in times of uncertainty and challenges.


We at Sing Sing Whisky identify with this, especially during these times of challenges and fluidity due to COVID. 

Tasting note

Using grains sourced locally in the subtropical region, this Single Malt is carefully distilled and aged in selected bourbon casks which boasts layers of floral aromas and tropical fruits on the nose, expression of soft oak and fresh hay with hints of vanilla on the palate, resulting a smooth and mellow finish.

Aged 15 Years. Non-chill filtered. 40% ABV.


Recommend enjoying neat, savour with a drop of water or ice whichever pleases your palate.

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