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We advocate for you to drink Sing Sing Whisky your way. However, we will like to help you appreciate Sing Sing whisky in the most basic manner via our bespoke experiences. 


Sing Sing Bespoke experiences offer an intimate sharing of the characteristics of our whiskies, and how they are best savored and paired.

Gather your friends, colleagues, loved ones or family and message us to arrange a bespoke tasting experience featuring not only our Sing Sing range of whiskies but also whiskies from The English, the oldest distillery in the UK to date.

We will curate the most appropriate list of whiskies based on your preference and palate.

Our goal is to cater to the diverse preference of whisky lovers in Singapore and we do so with a wide range of products from both Sing Sing Whisky and The English.

The experience will be led by our certified whisky ambassadors taking you through a discovery of taste through a progression of whiskies over the course of the evening coupled with suggested food pairings to ensure you experience the whiskies in the best light.

Sing Sing Whisky Singapore_The English Whisky Co.

During this journey of taste, you will not only walk away understanding how best to savour the whiskies but also the heritage and process in creating them.

Depending on size of each group, our experiences will be tailored to meet the needs or you and your guests.

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