The Orchid Series


Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim, commonly referred to as Vanda Miss Joaquim, is the first recorded orchid hybrid from Singapore, created in the early 1890s. On 15 April 1981, the Agnes variety of the Vanda Miss Joaquim was launched as Singapore’s national flower.


The plant was named after Agnes Joaquim, who is officially recognised as the breeder of the orchid hybrid. The first record of Vanda Miss Joaquim appeared in an 1893 issue of The Gardeners’ Chronicle journal, when it was registered as a new plant by Henry Nicholas Ridley, then director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


Using locally sourced barley in the sub-tropical region, this Single Malt is carefully distilled and aged in American oak casks which delivers a herbaceous note with hints of honey on the nose, a floral profile and oak spice on the palate that lingers with a sweet after taste finish.


Aged 10 Years. Non-chill filtered. 40% ABV.


Recommend drinking neat, or relish with a dash of water or ice whichever pleases your palate.

Sing Sing Whisky 10 Years Single Malt (70cl)

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